Study of Fire on Canvas

The Study of Fire on Canvas started in the summer of 2019, 20 years after I crawled out of my house burning down. I had been wanting to test this theory of Fumage out for a few years (it’s been around for hundreds of years and I am not the first to do it) and figured the 20th anniversary of a smoke detector saving my life was a better time than ever to put the time I needed to put in to do this project.

I plan on posting one picture a day on my IG feed for the duration of the project and may try to do a show of some sort after all have been “painted” to give folks a chance to see them in person as they are not easy to capture on photograph due to the shading effect of the Fumage.

I will be selling these directly and not listing them in my Etsy shop. If you are interested in one let me know via email. My email is Chw at this domain dot com. Thanks for checking out my latest project and check back for new additions and updates! ROCK ON!

Gunpowder on Canvas ~ 2019

Fire on Canvas ~ 2019