I am an Artist in Atlanta GA. I work with spray paint, canvas and wood, mostly. I started exploring my creative side after becoming disabled in late 2010 after a routine medical procedure (please research your Dr if you have time to – if it isn’t an emergency). I am GA born & raised.

I was a computer tech by trade with experience in the telecommunications industry as well as general support. I have owned my own computer support company from 2003 – 2006 in North Georgia, focusing on small business & residential computer support. My last “full time” position was a Project Manager for a tower crew that programmed microwave radios on cell phone towers in Atlanta, Chicago, Philly, Miami and Houston for a major telecom company.

After a smoke detector woke me up the morning of 1st of March ’99, crawling out of my house burning down, I knew that I was here for a reason & that I had something to give back & needed to!  At the time, I thought my only creative outlet was supporting others & gathering people, which I was pretty good at. But once I quit drinking in 2010, I was in need of an outlet, I found Art to be exactly what was missing the whole time.

You can find Fire in my Art not only by the flames that I make but also with color combos I tend to use for other pieces.  Some might call me crazy for the celebration of Fire after all that I have been through, but as life, it is one of those things that should be respected, and I have nothing but respect for it in its natural beauty.

I spent years helping foster the local music scene before getting involved with the Burning Man Project.  Having many friends that played in various bands around Atlanta and in North GA.  I eventually started throwing events, shows, even some live recording in the early 2000’s and managed a Blues Artist/Band while I was living in Dahlonega, in the Mountains of North GA.

I am a Dirty Southern Burner at heart! We hosted local Meet n Greets for anyone interested in the  local burner community here in Atlanta for over a decade. We also started the local SantaCon event in Little 5 Points in Atlanta in 2005, that up until 2020 was still going (and will be making a return). I was one of the founding members of Transformus, a Regional Burning Man event in Asheville, NC in 2004.  In 2012 I was added as one of the Georgia Regional Contacts for Burning Man. We currently are working to promote & invoke art and civic engagement in the Atlanta community with a group called BWBGA.  We work to support local non-profits in and around Atlanta.

After becoming disabled from a routine medical procedure in 2011, I found the Free Art Friday Art scene here in Atl – #FAFATL (on Instagram).  This striving community of local makers and Artists that hide their Art, post picture clues for others to find, “claim” and keep for themselves was right up my alley.  Especially since it lined up so well with some of the founding principles of Burning Man such as Gifting, ImmediacyDecommodification, Radical Self Expression and Leave No Trace.

Years after just doing small Art drops I kept exploring & pushing forward with my Art & trying bigger things.  I found that Art gave me the physical and mental therapy I was needing to help deal with my disability & allowed me to express myself at the same time.  I slowly started putting Art up at bars, shows, small and large pop-up events/festivals.

After 6 years of dealing with and trying every treatment possible for my Chronic tailbone/back pain I went under the knife in Dec of 2016 & had a spinal stimulator put into the epidural area of my spine.  It’s been 10 years now since my injury happened and the stimulator didn’t end up helping as much as they thought so now I focus on physical therapy and making the most out of what I have to work with.

Knowing the only direction from here is forward, I am constantly pushing myself to create & explore more of my creative side, while working on bigger projects, trying new ideas & techniques out.  I am constantly trying new ideas and practices out and look forward to what is to come.